Outings: Aboda Klint.

This weekend offered more of the usual. Quiet times at home, a visit to the house, some nature and not one but two (!) visits to Ikea. We took down all the Christmas decorations and stored them away in the attic. Until next time. Then of course I just had to go to the big blue store to look for things to replace the decorations with. We came home with three new lamps - one for the kitchen window, one for the one in the bedroom and one for the hallway.

In the evening we watched both The Hobbit and Silver Linings Playbook. The former felt rather drawn out just as I expected but the scenery was lovely. I did enjoy the latter but not as much as I expected to based on the reviews I've read, although my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt since I might have fallen asleep for a bit (because it was getting late). What can I say, I am hard to please when it comes to films these days.

Guess what, we have snow again! Lots of it, too. It snowed like crazy on Friday - we could scarcely see anything other than a white wall when we looked out through the window at work in the afternoon. Walking home sure wasn't easy. I don't mind that it's colder and white again though. It is winter after all.

On Sunday we stopped by the house for a little while before heading out to Aboda Klint. Until the very end I hoped the skies would clear just like the weather forecast had promised for days but sadly that didn't happen. The light wasn't very good at all but I took some photos anyway. It would have been a waste not to, since we had driven so far, and besides, the view from Aboda klint is beautiful no matter the weather.

To our great surprise the restaurant up on the mountain was open and we were able to have (a late) lunch there before heading home again. We stopped by Ikea again on the way and spent the rest of the evening rearranging one side of the living room. More on that later.

Now it's Monday evening and the countdown until next weekend has already begun. Hopefully it will bring with it some blue skies.

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