Life lately: January 2013.

View from my office as the sun set this afternoon. I love the weather this week. Plenty of blue skies, frost and snow. There are signs that warn of falling ice and snow from rooftops on almost every street in the city centre. The icicles are some of the longest I've ever seen.

Most played song this week: I actually haven't listened to any music so far this week, at least not consciously. But then again it's only Wednesday.

Favourite thing to watch on TV: The new Swedish comedy show Familjen Holstein-Gottorp.

Favourite online activity: Blogging, of course.

Looking forward to: Going back home this weekend. In a longer perspective, spring and going to Thailand.

Most recent purchase: Groceries for tonight's pasta bolognese.

Most recent text: From the post office about a delivered package.

Most recent meal: Fish + potatoes + veggies for lunch today.

Favourite fruit: Strawberries and raspberries.

Last film watched: Keeping Mum on TV this weekend. Such a weird film!

Where would you like to travel right now: Someplace warm and sunny. But I don't really mind winter. I love living in a place that has four seasons. I just wish the days were longer.

What did you do yesterday: Went to work. Watched the season 1 finale of Mad Men and went online in the evening.

Plans for tomorrow: Go to Oskarshamn for work. Catch up with TV and the online world in the evening. And dye my hair if there's time.

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