Around here: Another week closer to spring...

We hadn't made that many plans for this weekend but the schedule quickly filled up when Fanny decided to spend the last weekend of her spring break in Kalmar. She came over before lunch on Saturday and we began our weekend of "babysitting" by feeding the birds in the park by the castle (something we had meant to do anyway ever since I discovered that that's where the birds reside these days). It was such great fun to watch all those birds devour our leftover crackers and muffins!

Once we ran out of crackers we drove out to the mall where we browsed the shops and had lunch. In the evening we went out for dinner with P's parents at a Thai restaurant and then we all watched the latest Swedish comedy Små citroner gula at the cinema. It was really funny, very much like the film we watched in January. Two good Swedish films in the span of a month, I don't recall the last time that happened!

Yesterday we had a lovely breakfast complete with freshly baked bread and homemade smoothies. Mum and Jenny joined us for a walk by the castle and then we all went to IKEA and the mall. Once the three of them went home I bought a new lens for my camera that I can't wait to try. It was a sort of impulsive decision because I didn't think I'd end up buying it yesterday but at the same time I have been thinking about it for a while because I feel like I've outgrown my other lenses in certain ways. I hope I'll end up liking it as much as I hear others do. It's actually quite convenient that I got it now because my photography classes start this Thursday.

In other news, now that it's a new week I can say that I leave for Thailand next week. It still feel quite surreal, mostly because it'll all be so new to me and I don't quite know what to expect.

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