Around here: Sunday sunrise.

There are few things that could convince me to get out of bed before eight o'clock on a Sunday morning. The promise of a beautiful sunrise is one of them. This Sunday, we got up just before half seven and headed to the beach. We got there just in time to see the sun rise above the horizon on the other side of Öland. It was definitely worth rising early for.

I love how the waves have frozen. It's as if they're just waiting for spring to continue on their path towards shore.

Would you believe that this weekend was my first time ever actively watching a sunset and a sunrise? I mean, of course I've noticed that the sun has risen or set hundreds of times, but I don't recall actually seeing it disappear behind the horizon or rise above it before. It's almost embarrasing to admit. In my defense I can say that I spent the first nineteen years of my life living in the forest. Then I moved to London and after that I lived in Lund for five years. There was a lack of wide open spaces. Even though I've lived by the sea since the summer of 2010 I haven't truly felt close to it until I moved here. And it's not just the sea, ever since I moved here I have felt closer to nature in general. Somehow the season changes feel more palpable here. Or maybe that's just due to my different lifestyle - before I really didn't have much time to pay attention to such things. Although, I think that, above all, I have to thank my camera for opening my eyes to the beauty of the world.

On Sunday we also had time to go back to Svinö for a walk. It looked quite different from last time we went. Back then the sea still hadn't frozen. Nevertheless, despite the ice I could feel that spring is getting closer. The light is different, brighter. On that note, would you believe that the days will be almost two whole hours longer here than they are now by the end of February? I find that so fascinating.

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