Outings: More Kastell + Aboda Klint.

The weather last week was exceptionally grey but the sunshine and blue skies we were blessed with this weekend more than made up for it. We didn't have any particular plans for the weekend to begin with and the weather wasn't looking particularly promising on Saturday morning so needless to say I was more than a little bit apprehensive. Thus, when P. suggested we drive north I was all for it.

We ended up going to More Kastell, a 7 km long canyon hidden away deep in the forest. We took our time getting there, driving along the coastline through sleepy little villages that I made a mental note to revisit in the summer. For the first hour after we left the city behind I kept exclaiming that I'd seen a little glimpse of blue on the grey sky even though I wasn't so sure. However, little by little it did clear up and by the time we reached our destination the sky was all blue and the sun was shining brightly. There was nobody else in sight by the canyon which wasn't surprising considering how isolated it is and the time of year. Bracing the snowy narrow roads was totally worth it though:

We climbed down to the bottom of the canyon in one place to take a closer look at the frozen creek. It was quite chilly down there where the sun rays didn't reach but up on the edges it didn't really feel much like winter at all but almost like spring.

On our way home we passed by Aboda Klint and of course we couldn't pass up an opportunity to see the sunset from the tower up there, especially considering that we'd missed out on it last time we went there due to it being so cloudy. It was cold, but the view made up for it.

In the evening we came back home, cooked a nice meal and fell asleep super early from all that fresh air :)

(Sunday update to come.)

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