Around here: Progress report.

Per fell asleep sometime after seven last night; I made it until just after eight o'clock. I talked to my mum to catch up a bit (after all I hadn't heard much about her trip to China since she came home while we were away) just before I went to bed but I don't think I was very responsive haha. We woke up around 2 am but went back to sleep and woke up for real around five o'clock. We considered going out to watch the sunrise at 5:45 but since it was 10 degrees below zero and I have managed to acquire a cold already since being back, we decided against it. I ended up sleeping a little bit longer, but by seven o'clock we were having breakfast complete with a pineapple-mango-banana smoothie and fried eggs. Not quite the hotel breakfast we're used to at this point (there was nobody making omelettes!) but pretty good for seven o'clock on a Saturday. Then we had lunch around noon, which has never happened before during the weekend. Being jetlagged does have its perks :) And at this rate we'll have adjusted to GMT+1 fully come Monday morning.

Before lunch Per went to pick up his car from his parents' place (couldn't leave it here since we don't have a garage and have to keep moving it around the block because it can only stay parked in the same place for 24 hours, although we tend to leave it for a couple of days and haven't got any fines so far). I dyed my hair the usual chestnut brown colour because it had been lightened by all the sun and swimming we did in Thailand. I also went through all the photos we took and now I am down to a somewhat more manageable 800... Being surrounded by all that beauty made me a bit snap-happy lol. Haven't decided yet how I am going to post them (obviously I will not post ALL of them, far from), I think it'd be best to split them up into a couple of entries but I have so many photos and so much to write that I scarcely know where to begin. For now, here's a preview made up of the photos I posted on Instagram since I know most of you don't follow me on there.

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