Trips in 2013: Thailand part 2/5: Where we stayed, what we ate.

Our hotel was in the town of Ao Nang which is situated in the Krabi province in southern Thailand. It's a friendly little town, very touristy and filled with hotels, restaurants and shops that cater to tourists without feeling too busy and crowded.

Our hotel was a ten-minute walk away from the town centre. Usually we spent our days by the pool or on various outings and ventured downtown for dinner and some shopping in the evenings. Sometimes we went downtown earlier in the day to swim or hang out on the beach. The beach was also a great place to watch the sunset.

We had such delicious food in Thailand and it was a real pleasure to pick out what we'd be having for dinner every night :) There was a lot of seafood, and spring rolls and chicken cashew, and yummy dessert such as fried banana with vanilla icecream (my favourite!) and fresh fruit. And a lot of drinks too. Drinks served in pineapples, drinks served in coconuts, drinks decorated with gorgeous flowers... I have never had so many pretty drinks before!

One evening we went to this restaurant not too far from our hotel called The Hilltop. We got to have dinner while enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. I was so busy taking photos that I had a hard time remembering to eat lol. Our dessert was nothing less than icecream served in a coconut :)

Next up: the outings we went on :)

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