Trips in 2013: Thailand part 4/5: Monkeys.

I didn't include this part yesterday because lord knows that entry was long enough already. Thus, it had to become an entry of its own, but there's nothing wrong with that since it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself :)

Our first monkey encounter happened after our visit to the emerald pool. As we were waiting for the car to pick us up we heard a loud thud and saw how a whole branch fell off a tree onto the roof of a restaurant. I saw a monkey sitting in the tree above the restaurant but by the time I had got my camera out it was gone, probably just as scared as the guests at that restaurant. I was disappointed that we didn't get to see more of it.

The next day we walked to the very end of the beach in Ao Nang (where the stairs to Pai Plong Bay began). I noticed a monkey from afar and we figured that it belonged to somebody. However, as we got closer we realized that we had stumbled across a whole colony of cute little monkeys who lived there! There were many curious tourists there and some of them were feeding the monkeys bananas. We decided to stock up on fruit and come back the next day so that evening we bought a bag of grapes and a bunch of bananas.

I was so excited when we came back. Turns out that the monkeys weren't all that polite though, they didn't exactly line up and wait for us to hand them fruit. As soon as Per opened his backpack one of the bigger monkeys came up and grabbed the plastic bag that held the grapes and pulled it until it broke. Then it ran off with a whole lot of grapes! The first image below is of the thief/evil monkey :P So rude haha. I think they could sense that there was fruit in the backpack because they gathered around us. One of the bigger ones climbed up on Per and ended up scratching his arm (or biting him?). Per was quite affronted. He was like, here we come bearing gifts and what do we get in return? Monkey rabies? Lol.

And it didn't end there. A little while later I crouched down to hand a smaller monkey a banana and Per was like, there's a big one behind you. As soon as he'd said it I felt it climb up on my back and put its hands on my neck! I asked Per to remove it and he was like how? I tried bending forward to tip it off me, but that didn't work, so all I could do was wait for it to climb back down again. This encounter didn't last more than a few second so I barely had time to register what happened or get afraid, but it was a bit creepy.

We agreed that we didn't like the bigger monkeys but the little ones were so adorable that it was hard to resist feeding them! Just look at them, aww :) There were some monkeys with teeny tiny babies hanging on to them too! It was so much fun to watch them run around and play with each other, especially when they hung in the branches of some trees right next to their little pond and pushed each other off into the water.

When we went to Phra Nang Cave a few days later we stumbled upon another little colony of monkeys of the same breed (I think?). They were far calmer and kept to themselves. Perhaps they weren't used to people feeding them and didn't expect anything.

The last one was just a baby, but he left his mum to play a bit on his own in the branches for a little while :) The monkey photos are some of my favourite from the trip. Whenever I look at them I can't help but smile.

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