Around here: A traumatic experience.

It can't be stressed enough: I am so not a nature person. Last night Per went to mow the lawn at the house for the last time. It was a beautiful evening and instead of wasting it on indoor activities I decided to head down to the Stensö nature reserve to photograph the lilies of the valley I knew I'd find there.

The forest was a stunning shade of green and at first I enjoyed myself. I found some lovely white flowers and crawled around in the grass trying to get a good shot of them. Then I moved on to the lilies of the valley. There were plenty of them and they smelled divine. However, there were also plenty of mosquitoes in the air and the ground was crawling with red ants so I had a very hard time staying still long enough to get an unblurry photo of the flowers. As if that wasn't bad enough, I suddenly noticed a tick on my arm. I decided I'd had enough of nature and promptly headed home.

You'd think this would be the end of this traumatic experience but as Per and I were having our evening meal on the balcony I noticed another tick on my arm. I panicked while he removed it. I decided to take a shower straight away and after I'd undressed I found another one of those monsters on my arm! I had to fight the urge to burn my clothes lol.

Then. This morning I figured that wearing the skirt I wore last night again should be safe. After all, I'd taken that off as soon as I got home. Surely any remaining vile insects would be lurking on my top and leggings in the laundry basket? No. A moment later I noticed a tick on my leg. I hadn't even put on the treacherous skirt yet, just pulled it out of the closet. Needless to say I am wearing something entirely different and the skirt now lies far away on the living room floor, waiting for Per to come home and decontaminate it. Ugh, I never want to go outside again!

Some more of the photos I got out of this ordeal...

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