Around here: Long time no see.

There hasn't been that much going on in my life lately other than work, but the days seem to fly by and I find myself having little time to spend online. Can't believe the first half of May is practically behind us already! We had Thursday (Ascension Day) off from work this week, and May 1st last week of course, so the weeks have felt even shorter than usual.

The weather's been quite lovely lately overall, and we've spent quite a bit of time outside enjoying the warmth and sun. The world seems to be turning greener by the minute and so many flowers are in bloom. We go for walks in the Stensö nature reserve and last Sunday we even went to the beach south of Kalmar for a picnic. On Thursday we went to the garden centre and hardware store and Ikea and a dozen other places to stock up on flowers and lanterns and even an (electrical) grill for the balcony. Mum drove out here because she had some other shopping to do and it was so helpful having her here for the day. I learned two things: Gardening is expensive, and quite overwhelming. There were so many flowers to choose from, and we only needed a few. I can't imagine having an entire garden to maintain! Our balcony is so nice and inviting now and I'm looking forward to spending many warm summer evenings there. We (well, Per) used the grill for the first time last night and while it doesn't beat a real grill we managed to put together a nice little meal.

Today we borrowed Per's father's motorcycle and headed over to visit my family. It was my first time on a motorcycle but it really wasn't as scary as I expected. Of course he drove much slower than he would have on his own, but still. I quite liked it. My family was so surprised to see us turn up on a motorcycle haha (we hadn't told them in advance that we were going to stop by).

The beach. The water is still much too cold for swimming ;)

From our walk last night. I love that there's a magnolia tree right outside where I live.

Flowers on the balcony. I went for pink flowers, surprising huh?

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