Around here: My new camera bag.

I've hated my old camera bag since forever so you can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled upon Kelly Moore's camera bags that look nothing like traditional camera bags. This was everything I'd never known I'd always wanted in a camera bag. To my great disappointment the site that briefly sold these bags in Sweden was dead by the time I made this discovery. Its Norwegian counterpart first offered to ship the bag to Sweden but then went MIA. Of course I could have ordered the bag I wanted from the American site but there was no way I'd be willing to spend another $100 on customs and taxes. Finally recently it occured to me to look for a British site that sold these bags and I was lucky enough to find one that still had the bag I wanted in the exact colour I wanted in stock. I got the very last one. Of course this site would not ship to Sweden but with the help of my awesome English friend Holly I was able to overcome that problem and yesterday the bag finally arrived.

Per says that given the way I've been going on about this bag for months you'd think it'd be life-changing and while I wouldn't go that far it's definitely going to make my life a lot easier. I finally have a bag that will fit my camera and three lenses as well as my wallet and phone and other essentials that every girl's handbag is filled with. No more having to decide beforehand which lens I'm going to use, and no more having to carry both an ugly camera bag and my regular handbag. This was worth the wait :)

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