Around here: My photo classes.

As you might know I've been taking evening photo classes this spring. I know that there are plenty of online classes that I could have taken instead that might cater more to my needs and interests, but I wanted an opportunity to meet new people and also know that I'd be more likely to thrive off of the accountability that comes with having a real life teacher.

I quite liked the first part of the course that ended just after Easter but I haven't been as excited about this second part that started two weeks ago. In fact I've almost regretted taking it now rather than in the autumn like the majority of my classmates from part 1. Now it's just me and three other people, and it makes me nervous when I can't disappear in the crowd. Plus the subject matter is harder. While part 1 was more about photographing things you can observe in your everyday life part 2 so far has been about wild animals, and macro photos of bugs/flowers. As a city girl I don't see a lot of wild animals and sure I might not have tried my hardest to find one last week - it's not like I was camped out in the forest for hours, but still. I sent in a photo of a sheep because it was the closest I got to an animal that wasn't a cat/duck, and on top of that it wasn't even a good photo. I had to miss last week's class due to work and only got there as it was ending. The teacher is still praising one of my monkey photos from Thailand so he said he'd ended up reusing that for last week's homework, which I didn't mind in the slightest of course.

After last week's fiasco I was a understandably nervous about this week's homework because bugs are my thing even less than wild animals, but, by a strike of luck, I stumbled across a shrub filled with ladybugs on Saturday. Ladybugs are one of the few types of bugs I'm not afraid of. And, with my close-up filter that I didn't even really figure out how to use properly until that very day, I think I got some good shots. The above photo is the one I sent in as my homework. It's not as good as the one of the monkey (which was a strike of luck too, it's not like the monkey posed that way just because I wanted it to) but at least I don't dread tonight's lesson. Next up is sports/moving subjects, which I am feeling rather unenthused about, unless I can find a nice waterfall to photograph with a long shutter speed, but hopefully I will feel a bit more inspired after the lesson.

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