Around here: This is summer.

I can't believe how little I've updated so far during the month of May! I knew it was little, but I didn't realize just how little until I checked last night. I promise to do better. I tell myself there isn't much going on in my life right now, but it's not a very good excuse. During a moment of brainstorming last night I was able to come up with a myriad of topics I could be writing about. My audience may be a mere fraction of what it used to be, but I am losing precious memories, and after all I established already on day 1 that I am here to preserve memories.

Summer is practically here already. When spring finally got here after that long winter, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I was able to observe the smallest of changes on my street, every budding flower, how the barren branches of the trees slowly turned green again, how birds and bugs suddenly appeared everywhere. Then, bam, everything exploded and I don't quite know how nature could catch up so fast after such a slow start. Now everything's in full bloom, most of the spring flowers have wilted and been replaced with summer ones and there are days that are so warm that it feels like summer.

Saturday turned into one of those really warm days. The weather forecast predicted rain and thunder but we woke up to perfectly blue skies. We headed over to Emmaboda to watch my first ever drag car race in the sun. Obviously I am not very interested in cars, but I am enjoying learning about this whole world I never even knew existed before I met Per. I am more fascinated by the different colours and shapes that cars come in than their horse power and speed, and I probably always will ask him "stupid" questions on the subject, but I am proud to say that I have learned a little bit about it at least. Plus, these types of events tend to offer hot dogs and candy and if you know me you know I'll never say no to that.

Someone built a real Doc Hudson from Cars :)

When we came back to Kalmar I grabbed my camera and headed outside to take a closer look at the aforementioned flowers on my street and do my homework for my photo class. The topic of the week is macro photography which might be apparent from some of these photos.

Fanny arrived to spend the rest of the weekend with us when I was in the middle of photographing ladybugs by the train station. In the evening we put together some colourful skewers that Per cooked on the grill and soon after we'd finished dinner the Eurovision Song Contest started. I don't particularly care who wins or anything but I like the tradition of watching it. Per went to bed at eleven and by the time Denmark's victory was announced Fanny was already asleep. I'd been close to falling asleep several times, but I am proud to say that I made it until the very end.

Unfortunately yesterday was hopelessly grey and rainy. We were at a loss of what to do and ended up going to the mall, even though we didn't really feel like it. When we got home we had tacos for lunch and made a delicious rhubarb pie which was the highlight of the day. By the time Fanny was due to leave the weather had cleared up and today is much nicer again (although not as warm as Saturday). It's too bad because I didn't get any photos from her visit at all, but I hope she wasn't too bored and will come back someday soon.

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