Outings: A summer evening in Aboda Klint.

Remember Aboda Klint? During the winter we talked about how nice it would be to go back in the summer. On Wednesday after work we put together a picnic and headed north. We got there a few hours before the sun was due to set at 9:45 so we ate our dinner in the sun and went for a walk down by the beach and through the forest, making sure we made it to the top of the tower in good time for the main event...

It's the same every year, winter turns to summer and the days grow long, but I will never stop marvelling at it all... When we went to Aboda Klint in February the sun set at four in the afternoon. Now the sun sets at ten and rises at four. I know the summer solstice will be here before long, but I'm trying my best to ignore it. Oh how I wish I could freeze the time and let this magical time of year last a bit longer ♥

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