Outings: Emmaboda ⇒ Karlskrona.

This afternoon we went on a trip from Emmaboda to Karlskrona and back again on a vintage train. It travelled this section of the railway this weekend to celebrate the that the railway has been restored and we got to come along for a mere $8 (for a return ticket!).

We stayed in Karlskrona for an hour before the train turned back again and on the journey south I came up with the perfect way to fill that hour - by visiting the Glassiären ice cream parlour of course! Per's parents had never been before so we just had to introduce them. If you love ice cream (who doesn't), Glassiären is the place to be. Not only do they offer freshly made cones and a myriad of flavours - rather than give you one scoop of each flavour you get more like six. So two flavours = twelve scoops. And it doesn't cost more than a regular ice cream. I got a strawberry-chocolate one and I sure had to dig far to get to that strawberry (no photos because I had a hard enough time just holding the cone lol). Per got soft ice cream with more chocolate sauce than anyone can eat, but unfortunately his ice cream imploded before he had time to get very far. He's been lamenting the loss ever since, poor guy ;)

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