Outings: Pataholm, Stensjö By + Simpevarps by.

It's almost the weekend again and here I am updating about Saturday... In my defense it's been a busy week and my mind has been occupied elsewhere, trying desperately to wrap up all the loose ends at work. One more day to go! Unless anything unforseeable happens I should manage to finish the things I need to before it's time to head home tomorrow afternoon. Of course I am already dreading the day I go back August 19th, but I am trying my best to pretend that day will never come.

So, back to last Saturday. This time we headed north and our first stop was this lovely place:

The little coastal village of Pataholm with it's well-preserved 19th century houses and cottages. It was certainly more alive now than last time we went there which was in early February, but it was still mostly quiet and serene.

Our next stop was Stensjö by, another well-preserved old village a bit further north. While Pataholm was historically important when it came to trade and shipping Stensjö by has a decidedly more rural background. When you walk around its grounds you almost feel like you've been transported back to a farm from a hundred years ago...

The day's final stop was Simpevarp by, which is an old rural village much alike Stensjö by...

Except that it's right next to a nuclear power station that produces more than 10 percent of the country's electricity.

The last farmers who lived there were convinced to sell their land in the 60s when it was decided that the Simpevarp peninsula was a good place for a power plant. At first the intention was to tear the village down but then it was kept as a museum to stand in contrast to the power plant. The nature of the peninsula is enchanting and it's easy to see why it was home to generation upon generation until not too long ago.

As you walk through the peaceful forest of the peninsula it's quite impossible to tell that you are actually right next to a huge power plant.

When I lived in the province of Skåne I did most of my exploring during the summer because that's when the most beautiful places truly come alive, and I am really enjoying getting to know my new surroundings at this time of the year as well. I am so grateful that we have been blessed with such a beautiful summer so far this year. Even though my vacation hasn't even started yet I feel like I've been able to enjoy summer in so many ways already, and to think that most of it is still ahead of me fills me with such joy :)

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