Around here: Staycation.

Since we came back from Barcelona last Friday we've had a bit of a staycation while waiting for our second trip that starts on Saturday. We hadn't made that many plans for this week beforehand and we've just enjoyed taking the days as they come. We've gone hiking in the forest, swimming in the lake, visited the parents and been treated to lovely meals but also done practical things like cleaning the apartment and shopping. Today we went blueberry picking in the forest of my childhood and of course the day ended with a homemade blueberry pie. There's enough blueberries in the freezer for four more pies, and I even saved some for tomorrow's breakfast.

Yesterday afternoon we took the opportunity to visit the Krusenstiernska Garden which is located just a five minute walk from here. We walk past the red walls that surround the garden several times a week but we had never gone inside before. It is such a beautiful place, especially at this time of the year when its filled to the brim with brightly coloured flowers such as these:

In previous years I've done my best to avoid such downtime during my vacation, preferring to have each day planned out well in advance, fearing that my precious vacation days would go to waste otherwise. However, I think this vacation (so far) has been a nice mix. I wouldn't want to spend more than one week of vacation like this, at least not as long as we live in an apartment in the city. I imagine that it would be different if we had a house to work on or our own garden to hang out in. It would also take me further away from work geographically. As it is it makes me a bit uncomfortable to be so close to the office on days off; it's too close for comfort and I feel like I should be there rather than at home "being lazy". Fortunately I have been able to put those thoughts out of my head most of the time this week.

Tomorrow we're heading down to Karlskrona to visit a few places we missed out on when we went there last summer, and then on Friday it's time to pack for the next great adventure :)

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