Around here: The last Sunday of August.

I tell myself that it's still summer and try to ignore the signs that autumn is coming but I can't deny that we no longer open the balcony door to let in fresh air as soon as we get home and that I find myself neglecting the flowers out there. It's true that we sleep with the bedroom window closed and turn on the window lights in the evenings. I know that we've stopped bringing swimwear and towels with us when we go outside and that I am starting to feel less drawn to my bright flowery dresses. It's still warm but somehow I suddenly can't resist the allure of the cozy sweaters and woolen scarves that seem to fill every store. When I see the deep shades of green, plum, navy and red I can't help but picture candlelit evenings, warm blankets and movie nights and bright leaves everywhere I go. I can almost sense that crispy autumn air.

Every year it bothers me that summer seems to end so suddenly, one day I wake up and it's autumn and summer has left without giving me the chance to say goodbye. I crave closure, a clear break. Today is summer, tomorrow is autumn. I want to know when I go swimming for the last time that it is in fact the last time. I want to know that it's the last barbecue of the year when I'm actually having it. I want to know that it's the last time I'm wearing that particular summer dress this year. Sure, I might remember all the lasts, but I feel like I would enjoy them more if I knew at the time that they were lasts. I guess the lesson here is to always make sure I enjoy each moment as if it were the last time, so that's what I'm trying to do this time around.

With that in mind, today, I went to the park where it still feels very much like summer and soaked up some sunshine and marvelled at the amount of flowers still in bloom...

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