Around here: Aunt Anki's 50th birthday party.

This weekend was spent with loved ones from near and far away and lots and lots of good food. As usual it went by much too quickly. On Saturday we headed to my aunt Cilla's place in Växjö to celebrate my other aunt Anki's 50th birthday with a traditional crayfish party. Anki's birthday was actually over two months ago but since she lives in Stockholm we weren't able to celebrate it sooner. It was the first time I met her and my cousins Tim and Sanna in over a year, and the first time I met Cilla and her family since winter. I hope we won't have to wait as long for our schedules to align again.

Crayfish parties must be one of the weirdest Swedish traditions with the silly paper hats and the drinking songs, not to mention the crayfish itself, which is such a strange thing to eat... :)

As you can see Cissi came home for the weekend, too. Always nice to have the whole family gathered seeing that it's such a rare occurence these days. In fact the only one missing from this side of the family on Saturday was uncle Ola.

Yesterday started with freshly baked scones for breakfast courtesy of Fanny and a pile of birthday gifts for me to open. For lunch we went to the restaurant in the village of Korrö half an hour away from my hometown. It's such a picturesque little place with its old red houses by the rippling river, and I am pretty sure the restaurant has the best schnitzel this side of Austria :)

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