Around here: Hello weekend.

Another week of work has flown by and it's time to reap the reward that is the weekend.

There's been a dramatic drop in temperatures this week and any day now we will wake up to the first frost of the season. It's already arrived in places not too far away. I wear mittens and a scarf and it looks like I will be able to start wearing the cozy autumn coat I bought on Monday sooner than I thought. To think that I went swimming only three weeks ago!

It's still dark when the alarm goes off for the first time at 6:30 in the morning because the sun doesn't rise until just before 7 o'clock now (which is when the alarm goes off for the second time and we actually get up). The days are already two whole hours shorter than they were at the beginning of the month.

On Wednesday evening we went for a bicycle ride and I wore nothing but a hoodie but it was much too cold and I realized that it was my last time going out without a coat this year. We headed down to Stensö and soaked up the last sunshine of the day by the sea. It was such a still and quiet evening...

On the way back we stopped to look at a herd of grazing sheep that have spent the summer on the peninsula. Moments later a sheepdog arrived and gathered the sheep and we saw a van further away and realized that they were going home for the season. Funny how we were there at the exact moment to witness the end of summer for the sheep, especially seeing that we went to see another herd of sheep get turned to their summer pasture in the spring. It was like coming full circle, a final farewell to the warmer and lighter seasons.

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