Outings: Sunflower fields forever.

This weekend felt unusually long because I managed to squeeze so much into it. On Friday I took the train to Lund as planned. The three hour journey didn't feel so long because I had the most incredible sunset to watch from the train window. The sky turned pink and purple and the fields were covered in thin veils of mist. It was all so beautiful, and to my great disappointment I wasn't able to take a single photo because the train was pretty crowded and I couldn't exactly climb over people to get a decent shot. Sigh. Now that I am obsessed with photography I can never enjoy photogenic moments fully unless I am able to photograph them.

As it turned out only Linda was able to meet me because the others were feeling under the weather. We had a great time anyway, but I wish I had got to see the others too because I go back to visit so rarely. On Friday evening we had yummy Italian food for dinner and then on Saturday we went back to Lund for brunch which was also very good, especially the American pancakes. After brunch we browsed the shops in Lund for a few hours and then it was time for me to head back north again.

Per picked me up at the train station in my hometown and then we joined the rest of the family at home for dinner. I very much enjoyed having all the sisters gathered in one place again. It won't happen again until Christmas at least. On Sunday Fanny wanted to practise her driving in Växjö (she turns 18 on Sunday and will be getting her license soon) and Per and I went with her and my stepdad. Aside from visiting a few shops we stopped by the sunflower field next to my old high school. I think it's the second year it's there but I'd never seen it myself until now, only in photos. I am so happy that I got to experience it for myself at last. It was quite unreal to walk along the paths among those majestic flowers. A huge yellow field, right there in the city centre... These photos don't even come close to conveying how amazing it was.

I must go back if they grow them again next summer :)

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