Outings: The Öland Harvest Festival.

Yesterday afternoon we drove across the bridge to Öland to stop by the annual harvest festival. It was my first time going since we were engaged elsewhere last year, but it is definitely the place to be if you ever find yourself around here at this time of year.

The harvest festival is when the whole island comes alive one final time before the season ends and all the tourists head home. There are autumny things like lots and lots of pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colours everywhere. I've never seen so many in one place before. For the first time ever I bought a bunch of those cute miniature ones. They've been lined up on the window sill in the kitchen. (You could borrow the wheel-barrow above if you bought a really big one and needed help transporting it to your car. So sweet, just like the bear + honey.) There's also plenty of fresh produce that we would have stocked up on if our home had more space, as well as arts and crafts, all over the island.

This time around we ended our visit to the island in Amanda's Café in the village of Kastlösa that we randomly happened across. The café's slogan is that everything is baked using real butter and love. I don't know what the love ingredient consists of, but it was definitely the best carrot cake I'd ever tasted. The frosting was to die for :)

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