Around here: Turning over a new leaf.

The week after my vacation I noticed that my bike was making a funny sound on my way home from work one day. A tiny yellow leaf had got stuck in the wheel. I quickly removed it but it lingered in my mind, this little reminder of what was to come, making it harder to deny that summer was ending. I thought rain and cooler weather would soon be upon us, but as luck would have it the summer's lasted quite a bit longer and even now several weeks later it's hard to decide if it's still summer or autumn. We've been blessed with the most beautiful summer this year and these past weeks have been more than I ever dared to hope for. This weekend was especially beautiful...

On Saturday the temperatures came close to 25 degrees. I went outside wearing nothing but my dress - no coat, no tights. Of course there are signs of autumn here and there, but if I hadn't known any better I would have thought it was July, not September.

I half seriously suggested we go swimming later in the day, an official last dip of the year (because I hate how you never know it's the last until afterwards), but Per thought it'd be too cold. That didn't stop me from bringing my bikini when we headed out to his parents' place in the afternoon, and guess what? I did go swimming in the end. The water was a cool 18 degrees, but it wasn't too bad. Best of all, it was really warm in the sun on the jetty.

Before Per's parents treated us to dinner, we went for a short walk around his home town in the stunning evening light.

On Sunday I travelled to the big store in the west with my mum and Fanny. There are no photos from this day because my arms were too busy carrying fluffy cushions and face masks and kitchenware and makeup and giant photo frames, etc. I had a really good time though, despite having to get up at six. We've made quite a few changes to the apartment in the past week :)

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