Around here: Deliberately vague.

Yesterday I woke up to an anxious and melancholy sort of week. There's no real reason, at least not anything serious. Sometimes it's like this, and I forget how to see the good. Then when I do see it again, I forget how I can ever not see it. And so it goes, up and down.

Today the city was covered in thick fog that didn't go away until the late afternoon. I kept catching glimpses of white in the corner of my eye at work and feeling like it could be snow. This was the view from my office:

Tonight I read this quote: Go as far as you can see. Once you get there you’ll see further. Which is true I guess, both when it comes to the fog as well as life in general. Going as far as I can see is something I can actually do. I just need to keep reminding myself that there's no need to worry about what I'll do when I get there because I can't possibly figure it out until I actually get there.

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