Life lately: October 2013.

I've decided to start filling this out at the end of every month as a neat little summary (let's see how long I will remember to keep it up). Feel free to steal it if you like :)

Watching | We started watching Blacklist this month and are really enjoying it so far. Other than that I make sure not to miss a bunch of Swedish shows on TV such as our rendition of Who Do You Think You Are, the brilliant comedy shows Halvvägs till himlen and Solsidan as well as the music show Så mycket bättre. The only shows I still download are HIMYM and Modern Family but I'm a bit behind with those.

Listening | A whole lot of different Spotify playlists depending on my mood. Above all I've been super obsessed with the soundtrack from the great Swedish film Monica Z ever since we watched it at the cinema in September.

Consuming | As many satsuma oranges as I can get hold of, they're my favourite.

Reading | Just started reading The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz by Denis Avey.

Visiting | Our families and my mum's godparents for Sunday dinner last weekend.

Enjoying | The aforementioned satsumas, bringing out my camera on the rare clear and sunny day, wearing warm cozy clothes now that it's colder again, scrapbooking, spending time with my boy, the first mulled wine of the season, my new haircut, getting to wear the pretty clothes I bought last weekend for the first time.

Making | Lots and lots of pages for my 2012 photo book.

Looking forward to | The holidays, although they still feel so far away to me.

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