Around here: November.

These pretty flowers were a gift from Per's parents to mine when they came over for dinner on Saturday.

Saturday started out sunny but as we made our way inland to Per's hometown and then to mine a few hours later, the skies got increasingly overcast and I thought that was it, another grey rainy weekend. Fortunately Sunday was much better.

At this time of year you just can't let such a day go to waste. We took the opportunity to go for a long walk by the lake and through the forest and I was even able to dust off my camera and take a few photos. We walked the last bit without coats on, that's how warm it was. If it hadn't been for the lack of colour it would have been hard to tell that it's November.

When we got home after our walk a lovely meal was waiting for us. Circumstances have made it so that we've visited my family three weekends in a row now and I have to say I am getting quite spoiled with all these home-cooked meals :)

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