Around here: Christmas 2013.

Our Christmas was calm and peaceful, the perfect culmination of a month filled with preparations and other Christmassy activities. On the eve of Christmas Eve we stayed up watching Love Actually in accordance with our tradition and I even managed to stay awake until the very end (!). Best Christmas film ever if you ask me, it’s actually one of my favourites in all categories.

I ended up skipping church on Christmas (Eve) morning this year because nobody else wanted to go. I’ve enjoyed the tradition of going there on Christmas morning these past fifteen years or so, but I came to the conclusion that it’s no longer a must for me either. Not going made the morning far less stressful and I even had time to help out with the final preparations in the kitchen as well as wrap some gifts (not from me) at the last minute.

By the time our guests arrived at one o’clock almost everything was good to go and we proceeded to stuff our faces with the most delicious Christmas food in the hours that remained before the Disney special on TV that most Swedes watch at 3 o’clock on Christmas Eve. While watching the show we devoured a pile of homemade sweets and I was delighted to find that the snickers I made on Monday was everyone's favourite.

What followed was a bunch of Santas coming and going, lol. Santa visited us a bit earlier than usual this year due to a scheduling conflict and while he was at our place Fanny the Santa went to visit our next door neighbours. Then our Santa left and Fanny the Santa and Ella the elf followed him to visit the kids at his house instead.

Once they came back we finished distributing the presents and then everyone got to open their gifts. I am very happy with mine, both the expected and unexpected ones.

My one complaint about Christmas is that it went by much too fast. I am so grateful that I have these photos to look back on. After a couple of years with mediocre Christmas photos at best I am so pleased with how they turned out this year. They are not perfect by any means, but still a vast improvement.

Now there’s New Years to look forward to. It’s an entirely different holiday and celebration that I am usually not a great fan of, but for once we have plans and I am excited :)

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