Trips in 2013: Copenhagen.

This week sure is flying by! I get so confused by long weekends; on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday and yesterday I kept thinking it was Tuesday and felt stressed when I realized I only had two more days left before the weekend. And now it's already Thursday evening. So here I am, updating about last weekend, just a day before the next one.

We had to get up earlier than we do on workdays on Saturday to finish preparing for the trip. Per went to pick up his parents from where they'd parked the car and this was when his father learned about the surprise trip we'd planned to celebrate his 60th birthday. He hadn't noticed the suitcase in the car and had been told they were just going to pick up something. He still didn't know where we were headed when we got on the train, and we never actually told him but he figured it out eventually.

Four hours later we got off the train in the Danish capital. As luck would have it our hotel was situated right next to our favourite chain restaurant, so that's where we had lunch before checking into the hotel. Once we'd got that sorted we went out for a walk on the main shopping street of Copenhagen, Strøget. It was very busy what with it being a Saturday afternoon in December so we didn't go into that many stores but preferred to take in the Christmas lights and decorations from the outside instead. One of the stores we did go into was the Disney store where I was excited to find a Sullivan plushie considering we'd watched Monsters University the previous night. We ended the day with dinner in the Nyhavn disctrict before walking back to the hotel.

We started our Sunday with a walk to the Torvehallerne market because Per's dad wanted to buy some Danish cheese (the kind that you can smell from miles away lol). I've been to Copenhagen more times than I can count but I have hardly ever ventured outside Strøget/Nyhavn and the Tivoli Gardens before so this market and the surrounding area was all new to me.

In the afternoon Per and I went back to Strøget to do some shopping and then in the evening it was time for the main event - our visit to the Tivoli Gardens. Other than stroll through the park and take in all the lovely Christmas lights and get a taste of all the delicious treats on offer Per and I got multi-ride tickets and went on the roller coasters and the 80 metre tall Himmelskibet. I thought we'd freeze half to death riding on roller coasters in December but the weather was quite mild and I wasn't cold at all until late in the evening when it was time to go home anyway.

On Monday morning we checked out of the hotel after breakfast and got on the train across the bridge. We didn't go home straight away but stopped at the huge mall Emporia in Malmö for a couple of hours. After lunch we got back on a train and made it home in the late afternoon. All in all it was a weekend for the books and everyone was so pleased with how it turned out.

I am so grateful that we went last weekend rather than this weekend because there are no trains running in the southern parts of the country due to a heavy storm and it's already getting in the way of my weekend plans involving another surprise celebration. At this rate we might even wake up to the first snow of the season tomorrow.

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