Around here: Progress report.

I feel like December snuck up on me this year and I fell behind with my Christmas preparations right from the start. I've been playing catch-up and now I am mostly right on schedule again though. I'm counting days and eating those little chocolates from the Advent calendar (that was purchased a few days late) and my Christmas cards have even been written and sent out (so keep your eyes open).

The windows are decorated and the Advent candles are lit.

In the living room the (artificial) tree is trimmed with an obscene amount of pink ornaments, even for me.

I am crossing presents off my to-buy lists slowly but steadily. The sisters are covered for, but I have a few items left to get for the others on my list.

Last night I surprised Per by bringing home the ingredients for saffron buns after work and most of the evening was spent baking. Once we were done we enjoyed a few (okay more than a few) still warm ones with milk while watching a the cutest documentary about penguins.

Next up: gingerbread cookies. Maybe even a house. And Christmas movies, all of them :)

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