Life lately: February 2014.

Watching | Mostly various films. We watched The Book Thief at the cinema next door on Saturday evening. I really liked it. It's been a few years since I read the book so I am a bit hazy on the details but based on what I remember the film did it justice. Other than that I really enjoyed We're the Millers and About Time that we watched earlier in February.

Listening to | A lot of random music on Spotify, depending on my mood. In the middle of the month I started listening to the most embarrassing kind of music that we used to listen to at home when I was little thanks to a Swedish music show... fortunately it was a short-lived phase haha.

Consuming | Semlor in preparation for Shrove Tuesday (had one today too, of course), and all the delicious sweets we brought home from England (Minstrels! M&S Extremely Chocolatey Mini Bites! Lindt Lindor Strawberries & Cream ♥). Tomorrow marks the start of Lent and that means no more sweets for me for a while so of course I had to say goodbye properly ;)

Reading | I recently started The Fault in Our Stars which I bought in London but then I took a break from that to read this book. I am not sure how much it will help but it certainly can't hurt at this point (although, I will have you know that I drove the car into and out of the garage once in February, so maybe some progress has been made).

Visiting | Grandma in Poland.

Enjoying | The aforementioned sweets, knowing that spring is here, at least meteorologically speaking.

Making | More pages for the 2013 photobook again after a break of several weeks.

Looking forward to | Seeing the premiere of the Legally Blonde musical at Fanny's high school on Friday - Fanny has the lead part. So excited/nervous for her. Visiting Jenny at last, February didn't leave any room for that. The arrival of spring for real, some sunshine would be very welcome after months of fog and rain. Ultimately, the month of March being over, quite frankly, so that I will have put certain work obligations behind me...

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