Outings: Spring on Öland.

I can think of few better ways to spend a beautiful spring Sunday than going on an outing to the island of Öland. This afternoon we went back to the valley we walked through during the beginning of spring last year, to see if the blue anemones were in bloom yet. I had a feeling they would be, and I was right.

I knew that it was April when we went there last year, but I had no idea that we didn't go until the 28th of April until I checked this entry. I keep comparing this spring with last years and it fascinates me how much earlier everything is this year. A year ago today there was still ice and snow outside and it'd be another several weeks until it finally melted. It's hard to imagine on a day like today.

I played around with my close-up filters a bit. The images aren't super sharp but I quite like the dreamlike feeling of them.

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