Outings: Karlskrona.

Somehow we went from "Is it spring?" to "It is spring!!!" in a matter of days. It's been sunny for a whole week now and earlier this week we had temperatures as high as 18 degrees which I am sure must be some kind of record for this time of year.

After a January with a mere 4 hours of sunshine altogether and a February with 7 hours of sunshine I hardly remembered how intensely blue the sky can be, how sunshine brightens every colour of the world and makes everything come alive again. Suddenly the world has a background again instead of that oppresive wall of white and grey I'd got used to. The days are longer and there are flowers everywhere. And the sunsets lately! Bright shades of pink and orange every evening. How I wish the sun would stay around forever! (They say winter is going to make a comeback in a few days but I'm chosing to ignore that for now.)

On Sunday we drove down to Karlskrona to visit the Naval Museum. We've intended to go there several times in the past two years but somehow we never made it there before. It worked out well though because as it turns out entrance is free during the off-season. The exhibitions were quite fascinating and there were very few people there. Another pleasant surprise was the museum's nice restaurant where we had lunch. Afterwards we drove out to two of the largest islands in the Karlskrona archipelago and driving by the sea in the bright sunshine made it feel almost like summer for a moment. I know we aren't there yet, but it sure feels closer now. Being treated to my first barbecue of the year courtesy of Per's parents on Saturday afternoon certainly didn't hurt either :)

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