Trips in 2014: A long weekend in London.

We caught the train at six in the morning on Friday (which meant I had to get up before five - ugh) and arrived at our hotel in west London at 4 in the afternoon. Throughout the day I was feeling increasingly worse. I thought it was just due to tiredness but by the evening all I could do was lie in bed feeling ill with a fever. I left Per and his parents at the nearby pub with my untouched food. Food poisoning, I guess, although I don't know what I ate that nobody else ate. Fortunately it went away later in the evening and I was able to fold out my map of central London on the bed and draw up our plan for the next two days. Since this was Per's first time in the big city I wanted to fit in as many sights as we could manage.

When I woke up on Saturday my appetite was still not great but other than that I felt fine. We actually woke up around six because we'd gone to bed at nine local time, so we were out and about by eight o'clock. I guess the one hour time difference turned me into a morning person, how convenient.

Our first stop of the day was Buckingham Palace. On our way there we took some obligatory red phone booth photos. Of course we had to what with it being Per's first time seeing them and all. I enjoyed having an excuse to be extra touristy this time around.

Finally, Buckingham Palace...

Then we walked along The Mall to Trafalgar Square, and its blue German cock (?). So random. From there we walked across Leicester Square where I got to reminicense about my celeb-stalkery past (I saw Hugh Grant there once! And Leonardo DiCaprio!). Waiting for hours in the cold and rain to catch a glimpse of someone famous, those were the days haha. Next up was the nearby Piccadilly Circus, and from there we walked along Regent Street to Oxford Circus, and of course I couldn't walk past Hamleys without stepping inside for a little while.

Not far from Oxford Circus I found a pink mailbox that I obviously had to pose alongside. I also found the cutest bag at Accessorize, but I didn't buy it then for some reason. I did end up buying it at the Accessorize at the airport on our way home though, at the very last minute before our gate closed. It will make a perfect overnight bag to replace my old worn one.

It's funny because when I planned out our day I figured it'd be late by the time we made it to Oxford Circus, but it was actually just around noon. I don't know what I was thinking? But it was great, it meant we could catch a red bus (Per's first ride time riding one) down to Westminster to get a closer look at Big Ben. It really is my favourite sight in London, it's so pretty.

We walked across the river and had lunch at The Slug and Lettuce near the London Eye. We had tickets to go on the London Eye (well, Per and I did) but the lines were quite long so we decided to go on it on Sunday. Instead we went over to the Tower and walked across Tower Bridge. The weather was pretty erratic all day, mostly sunny with some brief showers every now and then, but just when we were right in the middle of Tower Bridge it started to rain heavily and we got completely soaked. If we'd just waited a few minutes it would have passed, but of course we didn't know that. We went to Borough Market to dry up a bit and after that we headed back to the hotel.

On Sunday we went to the London Eye as soon as it opened. There were hardly any lines that early so we got to go on it in no time. It'd been almost ten years since I went on it last so it was definitely about time I did it again. Especially now that I actually own a camera, unlike last time.

Once we were back on the ground again we walked arcross the Millenium Bridge to St Paul's Cathedral and from there we got a bus to Covent Garden. We had fish and chips for lunch (I was finally feeling well enough for fried food) and then I met up with and did some shopping on Oxford Street. It was our first time meeting since we went to NYC six years ago and I sure hope it won't be that long until we meet again. In the evening I met up Per and his parents at Harrods and then it was time to go back to the hotel again.

We left after breakfast on Monday morning and made it home by nine in the evening. This trip has made us reconsider which airport we travel from and I think we will start looking for flights from Stockholm in the future, with a connecting flight from Kalmar. Travelling from Copenhagen just doesn't make as much sense for us anymore. Spending the whole day travelling when the flight is just a few hours is just too much of a waste of time.

Other than the long journey and my getting sick, it was a great trip. I worried that the weather in London would be bad in February but it was a pleasant surprise, very spring-like and more sunshine than we've had here in what feels like months. All in all I think this trip was the perfect introduction to London for Per. He really loved it and we hope to go back to England again within the not too distant future.

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