Around here: Easter weekend.

We really couldn't have asked for better weather this Easter. Sunshine and temperatures close to twenty degrees - what a contrast to last year's icy cold Easter! I switched from my winter coat to my lighter spring coat little more than a week ago but this weekend I didn't wear a coat at all most of the time.

On Good Friday we took it easy, taking care of some errands around town, before heading over to Per's parents for dinner in the late afternoon. In the evening we proceeded to my hometown where we stayed until Monday. It was such a lovely weekend filled with family, delicious food and, of course, more sweets than anyone should ever consume in one weekend. I sure did my best to make up for not having had any sweets in the six weeks preceding Easter. Mostly, we hung out at my parents' place and went for long walks in the surrounding forests. At this time of year it's easy to feel trapped in an apartment with no access to outdoor space, so I really appreciate the closeness to nature when I visit my parents. It's such a luxury to be able to grab my camera, put on some shoes and step outside to this:

I spent countless hours of my childhood playing around (and in, but don't tell my parents) that creek. It will always feel like home to me, especially at this time of year when it's at its most beautiful, surrounded by a sea of white wood anemones.

On Sunday we went on a little outing to the Korrö Nature Reserve. We had dinner with my aunt and her family and my stepdad's father at the nice restaurant there and afterwards the "kids" went paddling in the river and I explored the surroundings with my camera. When everyone came back the sun had sunk lower in the sky so I was able to capture some photos in the beautiful evening light. Mum asked for a photo of my sisters and I and Fanny's boyfriend kindly took some for us.

Best thing about this weekend was having the whole family gathered in one place again. That and having four days off, obviously. If only every weekend was like this one.

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