Life lately: March 2014.

Watching | Not a lot of TV right now, partly because the shows we used to watch have ended and partly because we’ve started hanging out at the gym instead. But when the weekend comes around we always watch a film or two. This month we watched Gravity Which neither one of us liked very much, I don’t really get the hype? Other than that we watched Don Jon which was weird/funny and The Butler which I found really interesting. Oh and this weekend we watched Hard Candy. I’ve seen it several times (years ago) but Per had never seen it before and found it very disturbing (especially a certain scene). He told me afterwards that he will never let me pick which film we’re going to watch again haha.

Listening to | Swedish country singer Jill Johnson on repeat, like most of the rest of the country. The song Going Down to the River which she recorded with Doug Seegers, a homeless man in Nashville last year is a number one hit here right now. Incidentally he’ll be joining her on her tour this summer when she visits Kalmar. I got tickets for us as a birthday gift for Per. (I doubt he will ever read my blog so I think I can write it here without him finding out.)

Consuming | Actually nothing special right now? I am off sweets due to Lent and have done well with that, except for a day when I was super stressed (court day, in fact) and my manager offered me a chocolate truffle for dessert and I ate it without thinking. But I will forever deny that it was a sweet. It was large enough to be considered a pastry (maybe this makes it even worse haha).

Reading | I just finished The Fault in Our Stars. I enjoyed it alright but didn't think it was life-changing or anything.

Visiting | My family once or twice. This week I’ll be visiting Cissi at her current place in Malmö for the first time.

Enjoying | Spring! Sunshine! How incredibly easy I found the transition to DST this year (didn't even notice it really). The fact that I’ve been going to the gym for a whole month now. Also, the fact that the month of March 2014 is over and that a lot of things I was worried about are behind me.

Making | I feel like I always say this but photobook pages? Although I didn’t make that much progress with them in March, I was busy doing other things.

Looking forward to | Possibly seeing a beautiful sunset on Thursday evening when I’ll be visiting the west coast. Going to Malmö this weekend. Getting to replace my winter coat with my new spring coat soon I hope.

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