Trips in 2014: A long weekend in Skåne.

On Thursday morning I went to Båstad on the west coast for a work conference. The train ride took four and a half hours so we didn't arrive at our hotel until noon, but it was worth the long journey. I've only been to Båstad twice before so I enjoyed getting an opportunity to revisit it, and at a time that is less busy than the summer. We stayed at the fancy spa hotel Skansen. Once we finished for the day I went for a walk along the beach and with the sand in my shoes and sun on my face it felt almost like summer, without the crowds that is.

For some reason my hotel room had a balcony unlike my co-workers' so I felt special :) Before dinner we reconvened at the spa and since I didn't need that much time to get ready afterwards I stayed behind when the others went back to their rooms to prepare for dinner. Thus I got to spend a few minutes in the hot tub on my own and it was divine.

Dinner was a delicious three-course affair (all the food we got was great) and we ended up staying at the hotel restaurant until it closed at one o'clock. I was sad that I missed the opportunity to photograph the sunset which I'd been looking forward to - with the long days I'd missed that the sun was due to set after dinner had already started. I kept looking longingly through the window at the beautiful pink and orange sky.

Despite not making it to bed until half one I somehow woke up at a quarter past six. As soon as I realized what time it was I pulled back the curtain and noted that the sun was about to rise. I pulled on some clothes over my PJs, grabbed my camera and headed for the beach. It was a bit chilly but so worth it. I was all alone on the pier, the whole world felt calm and still as if it was holding its breath and then I got to see the sun rise above the horizon at exactly 6:34.

I stayed for a few minutes longer before I headed back to my room and went back to sleep for another hour (although falling back asleep was hard given how excited I was over seeing the sunrise without setting my alarm). Then it was time for the hotel breakfast. This was the closest you can get to a perfect morning in my book :)

Since I was already down in the province of Skåne I decided to stay for a bit longer and took the opportunity to visit Cissi in Malmö after the conference ended on Friday. We went out for pizza in the evening and watched some interesting documentaries at her place afterwards (because we thought it was too late to start a film). On Saturday we did some shopping downtown. To our great excitement they were handing out free icecream in one place and free canvas bags further along. Clearly I need to shop in Malmö more often. After lunch on Saturday I took the train back home to Kalmar. I'm so glad I got to see Cissi even though it was just a brief visit.

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