Life lately: April 2014.

Sunrise at the beginning of the month, sunset on Monday.

Watching | Mad Men is back! We also started watching Amy Poehler's show Welcome to Sweden because how could we not? It has Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza and Will Ferrell starring in a TV show first aired in Sweden, how cool is that? As for films we watched Last Vegas, Jagten and What Maisie Knew, the latter of which was my favourite. So sweet/heartbreaking.

Listening to | A lot of 50s music lately.

Consuming | Sweets again, although not a crazy amount or anything, other than during Easter of course. And lots of hot dogs now that we've brought out the grill again.

Reading | I started and finished Between the Shades of Gray in April. I have read countless novels set during World War II in Western and Central Europe but this was actually my first time reading a novel set in the USSR which was interesting.

Visiting | My hometown/family practically every weekend.

Enjoying | The almost summery days we were blessed with before it turned colder again, the beauty of spring.

Making | Not so much this month, it was a busy one. I did move my public entries from my LiveJournal to this site, which sure took its time.

Looking forward to | Going to Gotland in two weeks... Also for this period of incredible uncertainty to end.

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