Trips in 2014: Gotland.

Since I last updated summer seems to have arrived for real. For over a week now we've been enjoying temperatures above 20 degrees and sunshine every day! It sort of snuck up on me and I feel guilty for not having been able to make the most of it so far, what with being stuck at work most of the week and being bound by various obligations in the evenings. Fortunately the weekends are an entirely different story. Last weekend we went on a mini break to the island of Gotland with our good friends Sara and Oskar.

We hurried home from work on Friday, packed our bags and drove north to Oskarshamn to catch the ferry. The three-hour journey flew by in no time. The ferry restaurant had some of the best burgers we'd ever had...

After dinner I grabbed my camera and went outside to see the sunset. This was my first time seeing it from a ferry and it did not disappoint. I don't even think it would have occured to me to try to catch it a few years ago - getting my camera really has made me more aware of the beauty around me.

We made it to our hotel around midnight and woke up to a warm and sunny Visby. After breakfast we went for a walk around the town to get acquainted with our new surroundings. This was my third time visiting Gotland and Visby, but my first time going during the warmer half of the year. In the past I've only gone there in the autumn/early winter so this was an entirely new experience.

Around noon we left Visby and headed north. Our first stop was the Lummelunda Cave where we went on a guided tour of the caves. It was warm outside so it hadn't occured to me to bring warm clothes but the caves were quite damp and cold - about 8 degrees according to the signs. Being down there was so fascinating that I forgot I was cold though. I took some photos but the light was dim so they're not great and thus you only get a photo of me outside the natural cave entrance (we entered through a man-made entrance a bit further away though).

Our final destination was the little island of Fårö just off north of Gotland, and its rauks (seastacks).

By the evening we were back in Visby where we went for a stroll around the town centre before having dinner at a nice restaurant. (The guys ordered burgers for the third time since leaving the mainland, haha.)

Sunday started out with a bit of rain and stayed cloudy for the rest of the day, but it was still quite warm. Since we had a ferry to catch in the afternoon we stayed in Visby all day, exploring parts we hadn't yet made it to.

We got to try out the traditional Gotland dessert, saffron pancake, and not much later I had saffron and honey icecream. Travelling is the perfect excuse for eating unhealthily ;)

By nine in the evening we were back home in Kalmar, getting ready for work the next day, just as if it'd been a regular weekend. And technically it was just a regular two-day weekend, but it felt much longer because we managed to fit in so much. Gotland is the perfect weekend getaway when you live around here and I sure hope I will get to go back there in the not too distant future.

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