Life lately: June 2014.

Watching | We watched a lot of films this month... My favourite was the hilarious The To Do List. Walk of Shame was surprisingly funny and Diana was better than I expected. We watched The Fault in Our Stars at the cinema yesterday and I guess I feel the same way about it as I did about the book, it was alright but not the best film I've ever seen or anything.

Listening to | My summer playlist.

Consuming | Strawberries & cream as often as I possibly can ♥

Reading | I feel guilty now, all I accomplished on the reading front was finishing the book I listed in this category last month. But I am up to date with my yearly book goal anyway (it's not super ambitious).

Visiting | We went to lots of different places this month! To my hometown for Fanny's prom & graduation, to Skåne for Midsummer, to Öland more times than I can say and on several other outings as well.

Enjoying | Summer, my absolute favourite time of year. The beautiful weather we had for most of the month. Strawberries and peaches and little barbecues on our balcony. Visiting family and generally being out and about.

Making | My 2010 photobook. It arrived a week ago and I am thrilled with the way it turned out. Now if I could only start working on the 2013 rendition again haha.

Looking forward to | Linda's wedding on the 12th.

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