Trips in 2014: Midsummer in Båstad (and environs).

We ended up going on a little roadtrip down to the province of Skåne for Midsummer this year. We left early on Friday morning and made it to our first stop, Mölle, around noon. It's the most beautiful little seaside town that I went to a bunch of times in 2011 when I lived in the nearby Helsingborg. It's one of my favourite places and I hadn't been back in almost three years so I was really happy that we managed to fit in a stop there.

When I used to go there I'd always hike from Mölle to the tip of the Kullaberg peninsula, but we didn't really have time for that this time around so we drove out instead and enjoyed a picnic by the lighthouse. The weather was so much better than forecasted the whole day, warm and sunny :)

Then we left the Kullaberg peninsula and headed north to the Bjäre peninsula and our final destination which was Båstad. We stayed at the same hotel I went to with work in early April. The first photo on the left below was the view from our room. This time around the water was warm enough to go swimming in the cold bath house. Or well, 16 degrees isn't exactly what I'd call warm, but it was endurable, and now I can say that I went swimming on Midsummer Eve ;)

In the evening we enjoyed a delicious three-course meal at the hotel restaurant.

After dinner we went out to explore our surroundings a bit. I just love towns that are filled with roses in the summer.

I stayed out until the sun sunk below the horizon at exactly 21:59. I didn't get up to see the sunrise this time around, getting up at four would have been a bit too early. (I can't believe the days are getting shorter again as of today.)

Yesterday started with a yummy hotel breakfast and then we hung out at the hotel spa for a couple of hours. It was not as warm as on Friday but the weather was still quite alright so we decided to visit the Norrviken Gardens outside of Båstad...

Once we'd walked around the gardens we headed over to the Hovs hallar nature reserve and the little town of Torekov. By then it was really cold and windy and soon after we got in the car to drive the long way home it started to rain and it didn't stop until we got home over four hours later.

Today we've just taken it easy and got ready for the week ahead, our first time working a regular five-day week in five weeks. I still have four whole weeks of work to go before my summer vacation, but I am sure it will be here before I know it. I haven't made any plans yet, so I shall make that my next project.