Outings: Öland.

Since the arrival of summer we've really taken advantage of living so close to the island of Öland and driven across the bridge there on more than one occasion... Now that I go there so often it's strange to think that I'd only been to the island a handful of times before I moved to the east coast.

On the 6th of June, i.e. Sweden's national holiday, we stopped by the Bårby Kite Festival. It was a rather windy yet sunny day so it was perfect for the occasion. We didn't bring a kite of our own but we had a lot of fun watching others try to keep theirs afloat :) There were several incidents where the lines got tangled up and one little boy lost hold of his kite (well, his grandma did) and despite running as fast as they could they didn't stand a chance to catch up with it as it disappeared towards the horizon.

The island is always beautiful but especially now in the midst of summer. On our way home from the Kite festival we stopped by a field of cornflowers - the first one I'd ever seen. The poppy fields are more common, but equally beautiful. As I was photographing some of them I realized I was standing in the middle of a strawberry field, can't believe I didn't realize it straight away given how lovely it smelled there :)

Of course no visit to the island is complete without a stop at the icecream place in the harbour of Färjestaden, they serve the best soft icecream I've ever had. There are so many flavours and toppings to choose from but nine times out of ten I go for my favourite combo - pear icecream with chocolate sauce and chocolate chunks on top. Yum :)

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