Outings: A day in Västervik.

Having spent most of our first week of vacation here in Kalmar we were starting to get a bit restless so today we decided to venture further away. We got up a bit earlier than usual and got on the highway heading north. Our destination was Västervik - the second largest city of the county we live in (after Kalmar), and yet a place that neither one of us had ever been to. It's about 140 kilometres away in a direction we rarely travel in, unless we're passing by on the way to someplace further away like Stockholm, and I've wanted to go there for years.

On the way we stopped in the little town of Verkebäck. You see the valley it's located in from the highway and last summer when we passed by on the way to Norrland I was struck by how beautiful it was, so we took the opportunity to get a closer look this time. Verkebäck is a stop on the narrow-gauge railway and has the sweetest little train station. We already decided that we have to travel on that railway one day.

Not much later we reached Västervik where we went for a walk around the city centre in the sticky heat and cooled off with the biggest icecream cups that we've had in a long time. Västervik really is the perfect summer city...

Once we had explored Västervik we drove further north along the coast to see more of the archipelago. We had lunch in the harbour of the little coastal town Loftahammar, with this view:

Our final stop became Tättö just opposite of Loftahammar where we took the opportunity to go swimming because it looked like it was about to start raining. It was my most pleasant time going swimming so far this year; the water was cold when I first got in but I quickly got used to it.

It did rain a little bit on our way home, and we heard some thunder, but it wasn't a real storm. Soon enough it was sunny and 27 degrees warm again. The weather's been too good to be true these past weeks, even better than last summer and I couldn't believe our luck then. We've almost started to wish for rain at this point, but of course one hardly dares to say that out loud for fear that we will have to suffer through an especially harsh winter if we complain now haha. At this rate going to Greece next week won't be much of a change weather-wise, it's only a few degrees warmer there right now.

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