Trips in 2014: A summer day in Poland.

On Saturday evening I went down to Poland with mum. I've travelled on the ferry between Karlskrona and Gdynia more times than I can count but never before have I thought to go outside and see the sunset. This time I didn't let the opportunity go to waste! Granted, it's been six years since I travelled to Poland in the summer and I imagine that it would have been far less pleasant to hang out outside for half an hour in the autumn or spring, and it probably would have been dark already by the time the ferry was due to depart. In any case, Saturday's weather was just perfect for watching the sunset on deck. Every time I go to Karlskrona I fall more in love with the city, it's just so beautiful:

After some drinks at the bar we went to sleep and for once got to sleep undisturbed the whole night. (We were just as lucky on the way home!) In the early morning we found ourselves in Gdynia. The reason for the trip was to visit grandma who hadn't been feeling well and was staying at a hospital in central Gdynia. We didn't know the visiting hours so we headed there first and found out that we could see her straight away. She didn't know we were coming so it was a nice surprise for her. She was in good spirits and faring well under the circumstances, but of course a Polish hospital (or any hospital for that matter) is not fun place to be. Fortunately grandma got to return to the retirement home where she lives just a few days after our visit. She has since had to go to another hospital, but I hope she will be released soon. She really deserves a break at this point.

Having spent some time with grandma mum and I headed out to walk around the city centre a bit. Of course I had to take some photos of/by the fountain at Skwer Kosciuszki, even though everyone teases me that I have so many photos in that place at this point. What can I say, it's so pretty there! We also went for a walk on the beach. It was such a warm day! After lunch we headed back to see grandma and dropped off some things we'd picked up for her like her favourite magazine and some snacks.

Finally, we took a cab to the Riviera Mall where we spent the remainder of our day in Gdynia. I went a bit crazy with the shopping and got some new clothes and a bag filled with kitchen supplies (mostly pink of course!). My vacation budget went down the drain that very day, haha. Oh well, living in a small city with limited shopping will do that to you.

In the evening it was time to head home again, and as the ferry made its way out of the Gdynia harbour onto open sea I got to photograph another sunset :)

This morning I was back in Karlskrona again and around noon my train reached Kalmar. Once I finished unpacking we went down to the beach for a while, the first time of many this vacation I am sure :)

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