Around here: Back from vacation.

Greece was wonderful (go there!) and I can't wait to share all about it! We came back home on Monday evening and went straight back to work on Tuesday. Things at work sure did pile up in the mere six workdays that I was gone (I worked one day in the middle of the three weeks I had off), so I'm in the middle of catching up and my desk is a big mess. On the homefront there've been chores to catch up with, unpacking and lots of laundry of course, but tonight offered a welcome break when we went to see our local soccer team play. Just before we left for Greece we learned that we'd won VIP tickets for the game. Neither one of us is interested in sports at all, but of course we didn't turn this opportunity down, and we ended up having a really good time. Our team's 3-1 win certainly didn't hurt either.

It's cooled down a bit here during our absence and we're down to temperatures around 20 degrees rather than 30, but after this summer's heatwave and our week in Greece which was even warmer than here, the change is more than welcome. I am holding on to summer as best as I can though and intend to make the most of the weeks we have left. This weekend I'll be crossing off some summer musts that I haven't got around to doing yet, but I will be back to share photos from Greece and our day at the Kolmården zoo as soon as I can :)

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