Life lately: July 2014.

Watching | Being on vacation we've watched a lot of different films this month, most of them not so good. One thing that stood out was the Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight trilogy. We watched the first earlier this year and this month we finally watched the other two. I didn't really care for Before Sunset because nothing really happened in it? I can't imagine having to wait for 9 years for the third part! I quite liked Before Midnight, on the other hand, it's definitely my favourite of the three and the only one I would watch again. I find the story/concept fascinating now that I've seen all three films but I don't really get the hype that surrounded the films earlier on, before the final one was released? But maybe I'm just being unromantic ;)

Listening to | Lots of different things, nothing specific for this month.

Consuming | Icecream & drinks on the balcony.

Reading | I'm about to finish The Snow Child which I've really enjoyed. (Anyone else read it and see the parallels to Frozen?)

Visiting | My parents, grandma in Poland, P's parents...

Enjoying | Being on vacation from work! Going to the beach, swimming in lakes and the ocean, taking the days as they come...

Making | Some photobook pages, but honestly I didn't spend much time in front of the computer during the month of July.

Looking forward to | Greece on Monday! And possibly going to the zoo on Sunday.

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