Trips in 2014: Parga, part 1/3.

Day 1.

Finally had time to sit down and upload my photos from Greece tonight! As I mentioned in my entry about Kolmården, we had to get up at the crack of dawn on Monday the 4th. I never thought we'd have to get up that early given that our hotel was right next to the airport, but we had to make sure we had time to find our parking space and catch the transfer bus from the parking lot to the terminal etc. At half seven our flight took off for the airport of Preveza in Greece, where we arrived about three hours later. Our transfer bus drove us north along the beautiful coast and soon enough we'd caught our first glimpse of Parga. My first impression was that I recognized it from the pictures on the travel sites - it was just as picturesque in real life. By the time we were dropped off at our hotel it was way past lunchtime so we just left our things and headed downtown. I was so exhausted so the rest of the first day is a bit of a blur (the heat combined with the trip's first drink downtown didn't help haha), but one thing I do remember clearly is that I loved Parga from the start :)

Day 2.

Day 2 was less hazy... After breakfast we headed down to the main beach of Parga - Valtos beach, where we rented beach chairs and hung out until the late afternoon. I've actually never rented beach chairs before; I didn't think I had the patience to spend hours at the beach, but it was so pleasant there that I didn't really mind. The walk to Valtos beach from our hotel was very hilly, but it was worth it given how scenic it was:

Once we'd freshened up at the hotel we headed back downtown for dinner. After dinner we climbed up to the Castle of Parga (you can see it in the first Day 2 picture above). Getting there involved steep climbing and lots stairs, but the breathtaking view made it all worth it. We hung out up there, exploring the castle's nooks and crannies until the sun had set and it got too dark to walk around safely. Greek ruins are so different from ones I've been to before - around here a castle like Pargas would have had safety railings all around and probably been closed to the public in many areas, but I guess that'd be impossible to keep up in a country like Greece where there are so many ruins.

(We got up there a bit too late to take many photos but we went back later in the week, so I'll post more photos of the beautiful view from the castle later.)

I'll stop here tonight but now that I've edited and uploaded all the photos I promise you won't have to wait as long to see the rest.


  1. <3 Fina bilder D. Alltid en blomma i håret. :)

    1. Sött namn :) Hehe of course. Fast nuförtiden har jag dem oftare bak med överhåret uppsatt så då syns de inte på bilder framifrån...