Outings: Ångaren Thor.

For my birthday, Per got us tickets to travel with Ångaren Thor, Sweden’s oldest steamer still in use, on the Helgasjön lake. I’ve wanted to go on a ride with it for years but it hasn't worked out and I thought I'd missed my chance this season too, so it was a nice surprise when I learned we'd be going on one of the last tours of the year :)

Ångaren Thor was built in 1887 and the same year Sweden's southernmost lock in Åby was completed. The tour we went on included passing through the lock to the Skavenäsa lake & back. We embarked the steamer by the Kronoberg Castle.

It was a chilly cloudy day, and as per usual I didn't bring enough clothes, but I stayed warm by sitting by the engine. On the way to the Åby lock we enjoyed the little picnic we'd brought along.

Passing through the lock was really cool, and much quicker than I'd expected.

The little village on the other side was so picturesque.

An hour later we could see the Kronoberg Castle getting closer again... All in all it was a great outing, and I am so glad I got to go this year rather than having to wait yet another year for the chance to go.

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  1. Åh vad mysigt! ser ut som att ni har haft det härligt :) kram