Trips in 2014: Warsaw, part 1/2.

So! Last week I went to Warsaw with mum, Jenny and Fanny to visit Cissi who is spending the autumn there. My only prior experience of Warsaw was a warm day in the summer of 2002 when mum, Cissi, Jenny and I caught the train from Gdynia early in the morning, arrived in Warsaw four hours later and spent the rest of the day ticking off one landmark after another in a great rush before it was time to catch a stifling hot train back north again in the evening. It was a fun day, but needless to say my memories are a bit hazy. This time around we arrived on Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Sunday morning, so we had plenty of time to explore the city at a more humane pace :)

Since October has been unseasonably warm up here I'm actually still wearing my light summer coat and ballerina flats most days. However, when I checked the weather forecast for Warsaw the day before we left I found that it was going to be much colder than here so I dug out my winter coat and decided to bring that with me. The moment I set foot on the train that was going to take me to my hometown where I'd be joining my travelling companions I realized my mistake - I hadn't thought to wear my winter boots. It was supposed to be close to freezing in Warsaw so I knew that my ballet flats would not do. Fortunately an emergency stop at the mall in Lund on our way to the airport solved the problem. I basically grabbed the first warm shoes I could find, but as it turns out I've ended up really liking them.

The flight from Malmö went smoothly and in the afternoon we found ourselves at our hotel in Warsaw. It was way past lunch time and I'd noticed a Vapiano restaurant just around the corner so that's where we headed first. I have such a hate/love relationship with Vapiano - most of the time when I go there it's terribly crowded and you have to wait around forever to get a table, let alone something to eat. This time we arrived at the perfect time though since it was neither lunch time nor dinner time yet and the restaurant was practically deserted. It was my best Vapiano experience so far, hands down.

After lunch we explored our surroundings a bit more and then in the evening Cissi was done with work and came over to our hotel to meet up with us. We spent all of Thursday together since she had the day off. Wednesday had been relatively warm but Thursday was a different story - suddenly it felt almost like winter and I was so grateful for my warm coat and shoes as we walked around the city centre for hours. We spent a good few hours at the Copernicus Science Centre which was a welcome change from the cold. Here are some photos from various locations around the city that we visited:

In the afternoon we went to one of Warsaw's Wedel chocolate cafés, yum :)

I was so happy when I woke up on Friday morning to a blue sky and sunshine. Our plans for the day included lots of time spent outdoors so it was just perfect. As soon as we'd finished breakfast we caught a taxi to the Wilanow Palace. I'd only seen it in pictures before but it was even prettier in real life, especially on such a beautiful autumn day.

Our next stop was the Łazienki Park which was equally lovely.

Once we got back to the city centre we walked past the Palace of Culture and Science which is probably Warsaw's most famous landmark, and a place that we would be revisiting the next day.

On Friday evening Cissi joined us again and we went out for dinner at this really cute restaurant. We were so tired from all the walking we did that day and the cold too, so we didn't stay out very late though. The next day ended up being equally busy if not more so since we still had a lot of ground left to cover, but I'll save those photos for my next entry :)

Outings: Eneby and More Kastell.

On a sunny Sunday in early October we went on an outing to the town of Fliseryd north of Kalmar, or rather, the miniature village Eneby just outside of Fliseryd. The village was created by a man called Enar Berkeby who began creating the little houses in the early 1990s. Nowadays he's too old to spend as much time taking care of it as he used to, so the gardens have run a bit wild, but it's still the cutest little place, especially on an autumn day as lovely as when we stopped by.

We drove a bit further north and realized we weren't all that far away from the More Kastell canyon where we went in early 2013. We'd been wanting to go back there for a while so of course we couldn't miss this opportunity. As you can see it was just as beautiful as last time, if not more so.

Trips in 2014: Stockholm in September.

On Friday the 26th I flew up to Stockholm in the morning for a work event that lasted until noon on Saturday. Rather than head home straight away I stayed another night and went home on Sunday. Of course I couldn't pass up an opportunity to hang out in the capital without having to pay for the trip. The city looked especially lovely on the way up:

On Saturday afternoon my friend and old co-worker Jenny who lives in Stockholm and I headed out to the Drottningholm Palace. I'd wanted to go there for years and was so glad it finally worked out. The weather was just perfect for the occasion and the palace just as beautiful as I had imagined.

The hotel I'd booked for the night between Saturday and Sunday was a pleasant surprise. It had a bathtub and the room was just so cozy that I wanted to move in. Best of all, there were Belgian waffles for breakfast! I spent most of Sunday attending a photo class but also managed to fit in a quick visit to Jenny's place. In the evening it was time to head back south again. I wasn't too happy to leave, but seeing this incredible sunset from the plane did help make up for it a bit (taken with my iPhone):

Life lately: September 2014.

Watching |So many new films this month! Looking back I am not sure how we fit them all in because it felt like such a busy month and like I spent very little time at home? My favourite was Still Life, which I highly recommend. Watch it, and prepare to have your heart broken over and over again. Another film I enjoyed in September was The Vow which really surpassed my expectations. The Swedish film Tillbaka till Bromma deserves an honorable mention because of how funny it was.

Listening to | I feel like I never have a good answer to this anymore. I just listen to the same old playlists on Spotify (although I have lots of them). I need to find some new music to listen to. Suggestions are always welcome :)

Consuming | Juice! I got myself a juicer in late August and find it so exciting to turn all the vegetables and fruits we have lying around into juice. My favourite combination so far is orange+apple+carrots+beetroot. Still working up the courage to try green juicing.

Reading | I started reading Saving June but I haven't got that far yet. I find the characters so clichéd? I know it's YA and all but so far I am not super impressed.

Visiting | I went to Stockholm twice in September for work reasons. Going to post my photos from the second trip at some point. Other than that there've been the usual visits to the parents.

Enjoying | Stockholm above all. Hotel breakfast, the fact that I stayed in two hotelrooms that had bathtubs, delicious food, catching up with old co-workers, sightseeing, etc. Also, all the beautiful and warm (for the season) autumn days we've had.

Making | Photobook pages when I have the time, and some progress with my family tree that was due for what has become its yearly update.

Looking forward to | Going to Warsaw in two weeks.