Life lately: September 2014.

Watching |So many new films this month! Looking back I am not sure how we fit them all in because it felt like such a busy month and like I spent very little time at home? My favourite was Still Life, which I highly recommend. Watch it, and prepare to have your heart broken over and over again. Another film I enjoyed in September was The Vow which really surpassed my expectations. The Swedish film Tillbaka till Bromma deserves an honorable mention because of how funny it was.

Listening to | I feel like I never have a good answer to this anymore. I just listen to the same old playlists on Spotify (although I have lots of them). I need to find some new music to listen to. Suggestions are always welcome :)

Consuming | Juice! I got myself a juicer in late August and find it so exciting to turn all the vegetables and fruits we have lying around into juice. My favourite combination so far is orange+apple+carrots+beetroot. Still working up the courage to try green juicing.

Reading | I started reading Saving June but I haven't got that far yet. I find the characters so clichéd? I know it's YA and all but so far I am not super impressed.

Visiting | I went to Stockholm twice in September for work reasons. Going to post my photos from the second trip at some point. Other than that there've been the usual visits to the parents.

Enjoying | Stockholm above all. Hotel breakfast, the fact that I stayed in two hotelrooms that had bathtubs, delicious food, catching up with old co-workers, sightseeing, etc. Also, all the beautiful and warm (for the season) autumn days we've had.

Making | Photobook pages when I have the time, and some progress with my family tree that was due for what has become its yearly update.

Looking forward to | Going to Warsaw in two weeks.