Outings: Eneby and More Kastell.

On a sunny Sunday in early October we went on an outing to the town of Fliseryd north of Kalmar, or rather, the miniature village Eneby just outside of Fliseryd. The village was created by a man called Enar Berkeby who began creating the little houses in the early 1990s. Nowadays he's too old to spend as much time taking care of it as he used to, so the gardens have run a bit wild, but it's still the cutest little place, especially on an autumn day as lovely as when we stopped by.

We drove a bit further north and realized we weren't all that far away from the More Kastell canyon where we went in early 2013. We'd been wanting to go back there for a while so of course we couldn't miss this opportunity. As you can see it was just as beautiful as last time, if not more so.

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